Wellbeing Workshops - seminars or webinars

Shirley's workshops give you the opportunity to support the long-term health and wellbeing of your workforce to help reduce costs of absence and sick leave

Having previously worked within professional services for 9 years, Shirley has good experience of the corporate environment and the well being challenges therein

The aim of each workshop is to educate your workforce in a positive, fun and interactive way and give each employee the tools for long term health and wellbeing


Duration of each workshop is one hour, including a question and answer session at the end - any workshop can be delivered as a seminar or remotely as a webinar via Zoom, just ask us

Popular topics are:

Flexible, bespoke corporate solutions: If you would like a particular topic or format covered please contact us to discuss


Did you know? 

In 2013/14 each case of stress-related ill health led to an average of 23 days off work

(stats from "stress-related and psychological disorders in Great Britain 2014 (HSE)"