Nutritional Practitioner Shirley Ward explains why good fibre levels, slow release energy and easily digestible protein sources aid good health and post-workout recovery

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A recent event I delivered focused on summer health, with Pulsin’s range of protein bars and protein powders available to try at the event – I was keen to include these so I could explain the nutritional benefits of their natural ingredients.  The “vanilla choc chip protein booster” bars proved particularly popular – these were a good choice as their easily digestible pea protein would aid muscle recovery post-workout and keep them fuller for longer

Many of my client’s diets are low in fibre and good quality protein, so these bars and protein powders are good additions to a well-balanced diet.  Good fibre levels are needed to achieve good health – fibre aids food transit through the digestive tract by adding “bulk” so is crucial for digestive health.  Fibre is also evidenced for aiding removal of toxins and excess cholesterol.  It also moderates energy release so supports blood sugar balance, thereby avoiding toxic blood sugar spikes and blood sugar lows, when sugar cravings and low mood can occur


I regularly see clients with a range of digestive issues – consuming high fibre foods and easily digestible protein sources, is a good start

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