Some kind words from client consultations:


"I have suffered with IBS for many years and at times it was extremely debilitating and painful. Shirley suggested some small dietary changes and recommended some supplements to take, these changes were very easy to adapt into my lifestyle without seeming daunting and too much of a chore. Within a few weeks of making these changes I found my symptoms far more manageable and much less frequent. I am really really pleased with the results. Thank you" Lucie, Brighton

"I met Shirley soon after breaking my back and felt I needed to take whatever steps were required to provide the best nutritional environment in my body. I was also craving certain foods and never felt really satisfied after eating - shirley analysed my diet and lifestyle and made several recommendations to balance my diet and suggested courses of supplements. The advice I received greatly helped in addressing the problems and within 7 months my back was completely healed" Greg, Lancing

"I needed assistance with my nutrition to help with an on-going skin condition (eczema) and for general good health and wellbeing. Shirley has really helped me turn things around and fully understand the impact of the foods we eat upon the body, mind and emotions. My skin is so much happier. I feel full of energy and much more vital. I feel Shirley is exceptional in her field.  I would highly recommend her services" Kate, Hove

“Shirley helped me address poor energy levels, poor susceptibility to colds and bugs and day to day uncomfortable stomach issues after eating. She methodically worked through my dietary history and symptoms followed by a scientific analysis of a stool analysis test. The results have been fantastic, all of my prior symptoms have reduced. And I thought I was a very healthy eater already! Shirley's down to earth plans included achievable and subtle dietary changes alongside some supplement suggestions, all of which are clearly explained why they are beneficial. I just wish I had embarked upon this change sooner” Kelvin, Hassocks