Stress Management & Energy Improvement Workshops - some recent client feedback:

Down To Earth Nutrition was approached by professional services organisation BDO Southampton to produce and deliver a series of wellbeing workshops to help support a reduction in stress and improvement in energy levels, throughout their workforce. The workshops were well attended and generated lively discussions of how the stress process affects nutritional status, clarity on the confusion around carbohydrates, how to combine food groups for satiety and sustainable energy, avoiding afternoon energy dips, mindful eating exercises to aid satiety and digestive health, all with the aim of building resilience and taking back control of long-term health.

BDO conducted a survey of attendees a few weeks later in order to assess behaviour change and workshop effectiveness, the headline results of their survey confirmed:

71% of attendees found the workshops "useful" or "very useful"
81% made changes to their nutrition as a result of the workshops
35% of those that made changes felt less stressed as a result
29% of those that made changes felt more productive as a result
95% of attendees would "probably" or "definitely" recommend the workshops to a colleague

BDO were very happy with the survey results and have recommended my workshops to other offices within the company

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