Nail nutrition

At a recent press launch for the new Complete Salon Manicure varnishes by Sally Hansen, I was not only treated to a nail makeover with the new 5-in-1 product - boasting to be a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour AND top coat - but I also had my nails analysed by a nutritionist.

Apparently you can tell a lot about your health from your nails and Nutritional Therapist Shirley Ward told me all sorts of fascinating gems.

Vertical ridging can relate to the intestine area, splitting and peeling can be down to an imbalance of the three key food groups (complex carbs, proteins and good fats), while a lack of half moons could indicate a slow metabolism. Eek!

Vitamin C and B vitamins can help with the latter - so that's what I'm taking (as well as a pinch of salt, they're only ‘indications' after all)!


Shirley exhibiting at corporate event