Corporate Nutritional Solutions

Did you know? for every £1 spent on health, fitness and wellbeing at work ROI is £4.17 (PWC Report)

Did you know? the World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20%

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  • Improve staff productivity

  • Lower sickness levels

  • Boost employee morale and loyalty

  • Reduce health care costs

  • Enhance retention, and

  • Stay ahead of your competition?

Down To Earth Nutrition can support your organisation in addressing these issues by delivering:

  • Nutritional Seminars & Workshops covering a range of nutritional topics, from 1/2 hour lunch-time presentations to lunch-time workshops

  • On-site Nutritional Consultations for your employees; at times convenient for you and your staff

  • Nutritional Consultancy Services which deliver a wide range of nutritional advice from supporting product launches to menu-choice analysis & nutrition information for staff restaurants, residential homes and schools

Do you as an employer rely on the performance level of your staff for the productivity and efficiency of your company? then supporting the health of your team should make perfect sense

According to WHO, scientific evidence supports the view that alterations in diet have strong effects on health throughout a person’s lifetime

Therefore, employers who take steps to support their employees’ health through healthy eating and lifestyle changes gain both current and future benefits

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Did You Know?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20%.

Client References

"Shirley kicked off one of our "Wellness Weeks" and her talk about how to make positive changes to diet was a big draw.  I was most impressed with shirley's explanation of the science behind why some foods are better for us than others... Shirley is professional and knowledgeable whilst also being easy to talk to and friendly.  I look forward to working with her in the future"

Lucy, Communications Office, Pension Protection Fund

"Our team really enjoyed Shirley's presentation and found it extremely informative. Shirley engaged everyone and we were so impressed with her knowledge about such a wide range of issues. Thanks again for delivering the presentation in such a friendly and professional way"

Jill, Business Director, BrainwavesGAP Accountants & Business Advisors

"Shirley has recently given a presentation to my team of Nurses; this was very clear, informative and concise, interesting and well was obviously well planned with lovely handouts and literature for all"

Carolyn, Senior Nurse, RED ARC Assured Ltd