How Nutritional Therapy Can Help You:

Nutritional Therapy improves overall health and supports health concerns such as low energy, digestive issues, stress and low mood

As well as improving overall health, Nutritional Therapy works alongside medical professionals, to support specific health problems such as irritable bowel, candida, osteoporosis, arthritis, ME, MS, PCOS and weight management issues

Overall health improvement is achieved through identifying and addressing causative factors that contribute to specific health issues, through in-depth analysis of diet, lifestyle and family history

Evidence-based nutritional advice is given, involving manageable modifications to diet and lifestyle, which address causative factors

Nutritional therapy gives you the tools to improve your health

Functional Tests & Supplements:

Functional lab tests may be advised, some of which may be available from your GP.  Testing of certain functions can play a useful part in identifying areas of imbalance in the body and in developing a bespoke nutrition plan to address these

Supplements may be advised where necessary. There are many factors in modern diet and lifestyle that can deplete/inhibit absorption of a variety of health-crucial vitamins and minerals.  Initial supplementation can be an important part of a nutrition plan, whilst diet and lifestyle factors are being addressed

Shirley carrying out a nutritional consultation