Brighton-based Nutritional Therapist Shirley Ward runs Down To Earth Nutrition, a nutritional therapy practice providing diet and lifestyle solutions to support health improvement 

Nutritional Therapy uses evidence-based scientific research to improve health and peak performance; Down To Earth Nutrition delivers a range of health improvement solutions

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In the news today: Scientists Warn Lack of Sleep leads to Ill Health - read my advice on how eating late and poor food choices can affect sleep

Food Diary Analysis Service Launch:

Due to client demand I now provide food diary analysis plus report detailing manageable changes to improve your health

Statins Again in the News:

How diet can help improve heart and arterial health, read my latest blog and heart health article 

Nutrition Bites on Youtube:

Confused about Carbs? Watch the next instalment from my recent talk for Sundial - Choosing the Right Energy Foods for Good Health

Some kind words from a corporate client:

"Shirley kicked off one of our "Wellness Weeks" and her talk about how to make positive changes to diet was a big draw.  I was most impressed with shirley's explanation... 

Nutritional Consultations now available at Alive Natural Health Gym in Hove

Read my latest advice on weight loss & carbs: choosing the right carb is crucial...